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South Africa want to play some online casino games

People who live in South Africa know the struggle they go through when they want to play some online casino games. The laws of this country are very strict when it comes to gambling on the internet but this doesn’t mean players don’t have the chance to try some good games of luck when they want to.

While there are no online casinos established in this state, online gambling is not illegal, meaning that offshore operators can offer their services to players from this country without being punished by the state.

Laws regarding casino games in South Africa (H2)

The first law regarding casinos issued by the government of South Africa is the Gambling Act from 1996 which regulates the market and the way licenses are obtained by operators who want to activate in this industry. Prior to this, gambling was regulated by a law from 1994 but it only referred to lotteries.

A new act was issued in 2004 but, as opposed to what players were expecting, this law was even stricter and it didn’t include any reference to online casinos, so it is still illegal to establish an online gambling place in this country

Although the state punishes casino games operators, banks which intermediate transactions for online gambling and players as well, there is no known case of any player who was convicted of playing online casino games.

In 2008, an act which had the purpose of regulating the online gambling market was rejected by many political groups, proving once again that the authorities have no interest in legalizing this type of gambling activities.

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How to play online casino games in South Africa (H2)

Online casinos took advantage of the fact that the current laws don’t restrict access to foreign websites and they started offering their services to players from this state. While this is, in theory, illegal, there are no specific laws against this practice, so no player was punished for trying their luck with foreign online casinos.

Offshore operators cannot be sued by the South African state, as they have licenses to operate in their countries of residence, so they are not actually involved in any illegal activities. Here’s what you have to do to be able to play online casino games in South Africa:

• Find a licensed casino you like
• Create an account in that gambling place
• Get the welcome bonus
• Start playing your favorite games

If you’re scared that the government will punish you for playing games of luck for real money, then a good option for you is to try some free slot machines on a website that doesn’t ask you to register, make a deposit or download any game. On our website, you will find lots of casino games from different providers that you can try for free, with no stress.

Best online casinos people can access from South Africa (H2)

For those who want to play online casino games and don’t want to go to those land-based gambling places operated by the state, the solution comes from foreign websites. There are many online casinos which want to attract players from South Africa, as it would be a shame not to take advantage of this unexploited market.

Among the most popular online casinos, you’ll be able to access from South Africa, you will find:

• Springbok Casino
• Yebo
• Casino Las Vegas
• Slots Magic

Conclusions about online casinos from South Africa (h2)

Even though online gambling is illegal in this country, lots of people found different ways to play their favorite games, either by trying them for free on websites similar to ours or by trying their luck in offshore gambling places.

People from South Africa should be careful when choosing to play casino games on foreign websites, as this might be interpreted as being illegal. We do not encourage illegal practices and the information included in this article should not be considered a recommendation.

It is totally up to you if you decide to play casino games in foreign gambling places or if you prefer to try the games provided in land-based casinos licensed by the state. The best thing a player can do is to choose the 100% legal way, so only treat this article as a source of information about laws and regulations regarding games of luck here.

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